About us
2019年成立在深圳华强北开始了其作为无连接器相关产品分销商的生涯,我们公司的目标很简单,就是提供客户所需的替换部,,提供卓越的服务。 无论何时,只要客户希望按时按预算地买到高品质的连接器。华洛总是值得信赖的选择。 2022年我们的商城上线凭借丰富多样的库存产品和快捷、可靠的服务与支持,客户可以轻松在我们这里找到并购买需要的产品。 此外,我们便捷的一站式购物方法和极具竞争优势的价格给客户最物有所值的选择, 丰富的行业经验,能够提供原件选型指导服务,进行产品测试分析,确保产品符合客户需求。 可根据客户需求,提供样件进行试用。 提供高可靠性正品连接器同时提供配套产品完整方案。 海量库存 闪电发货 数字化仓储系统为产品交期提供保障 信息化,精益模式的流程,完整的品质管理体系为客户提供安心的品质保障
Established in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen in 2019, it began its career as a distributor of connector free products. Our company's goal is simple, that is, to provide customers with replacement departments and excellent services. Whenever a customer wishes to purchase high-quality connectors on time and on budget. Hualuo is always a trustworthy choice. In 2022, our mall will be launched. With a rich and diverse inventory of products and fast and reliable service and support, customers can easily find and purchase the products they need here. In addition, our convenient one-stop shopping method and highly competitive prices provide customers with the most cost-effective choices, Rich industry experience, able to provide guidance on component selection services, conduct product testing and analysis, and ensure that products meet customer needs. We can provide samples for trial use according to customer needs. Provide high-quality and authentic connectors with complete solutions for supporting products. Massive inventory, lightning shipment, digital warehousing system provides guarantee for product delivery time Informationization, lean process, and a complete quality management system provide customers with reassuring quality assurance
Brand concept

Committed to becoming an outstanding electronic component company in China. We are based in the Chinese market, allowing customers to know us, become familiar with us, trust us, and rely on us; We want to become a century old company. Let work change life. We are committed to becoming an outstanding electronic component company in China, focusing on the connector field; Provide convenient services to customers.